English grammar Determiners class 9 MCQ

English grammar Determiners

Q.1 I didn’t have ___ trouble getting the passports. I only had a problem with my photos because it was an old one.

(a) several

(b) any

(c) many

(d) much

Q.2 We stayed ____ days in New York and visited the Status of Liberty.

(a) few

(b) a few

(c) little

(d) the little

Q.3 It’s a puzzle that _ intelligent child can solve.

(a) any

(b) several

(c) many

(d) some

Q.4 He passed me _ sauce that was there in the jar.

(a) little

(b) the little

(c) the few

(d) a little

Q.5 Have you bought ___mangoes?

(a) a little

(b) any

(c) some

(d) none of these

Q.6 She was wearing a bracelet on ___ wrist.

(a) each

(b) any

(c) every

(d) none of these

Q.7 Radha didn’t take __ photos when she went on holiday.

(a) many of

(b) many

(c) much

(d) little

Q.8 She has eaten___ the chocolates in the box.

(a) each

(b) every

(c) all

(d) none

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